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[action sampler] Baguio in Red by filmfish



forwebdinOk, so the last one is in SCTEX, not baguio. :p but it’s on the way!

Cropped from the 4-frame action sampler shots.

[Smena 8M] Happy Accidents by filmfish

Having the Smena is a wonderful thing. I’ve had it for a year now, and I’ve only started warming up to it, and actually using it the “proper” way. But in my natural absent-mindedness, there are things that I do forget despite muscle memory and force of habit. Fortunately, not all accidents are ugly. Here are two of my lucky shots from the last roll of film:


000024-copyBoth photos: Lomo Smena 8M | Expired Fuji Velvia | UP Diliman | January 2009



Drew’s was on the 2oth, mine on the 29th (HAH! next birthday will be in 2012) and Francis’ will be on the 1st of March. ♪Happy birthday to us… ♫

That’s partyin’ with the black bird fly!

[Smena 8m] Portraits by filmfish

Taken using Kodak Ektachrome 400, expired film.


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[Black Bird, Fly] View from Antipolo by filmlakay


This was how Digiprint scanned our photos. 😦 that’s why we had to crop the photos using photoshop :p These two photos were taken by Jessie in Cloud Nine, Antipolo using expired Kodak Elitechrome on the Black Bird, Fly. Above is the courtyard and below is the view from the hotel. (January 2009)

Good News for the New Year!! [Blackbird, Fly!] by filmfish


| Bojeador Lighthouse, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte | November 2008 | Holga 120 CFN  expired Kodak Ektachrome |

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve got a feeling that this year is gonna be a great year – we’re hoping for all the best for us, for you guys, and for everyone else who’s out there.

I’m thinking of putting watermarks on our photos since it looks like people are trying to steal find the hi-res copies of our photos from wordpress. tsk tsk.

But anyhoo, some GOOD NEWS:
Jan received a Blackbird, Fly from his family and that oughta spice things up a little. Possibly new photos next week courtesy of our new toy.

[Action Sampler] More Ilocos Goodness by filmlakay

Action Sampler Goodie! Photo by Jan
El Cheapo Quad Cam | Expired Fuji Sensia Film | Ilocos Norte | November 2008