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[Vivitar UW&S] Tomorrow, my life will change by filmfish


[blackbird,fly] recent anawangin trip by filmlakay

For Jessie’s birthday, we went on a road trip to Anawangin. Last year, it was March, and there were around 5 other tents around us. This time, we went earlier thinking that everyone’s gonna be in Baguio for the Flower Festival — but no, there were at LEAST 20 other groups in Anawangin =.= But we had fun all the same.


Blackbird, Fly | Fuji Color Film 100 | Anawangin, Zambales

[Underwater Toy Cam] Just Messin’ Around by filmfish

Anilao Batangas, that’s Luna, she’s gonna graduate soon. Hooray!



Drew’s was on the 2oth, mine on the 29th (HAH! next birthday will be in 2012) and Francis’ will be on the 1st of March. ♪Happy birthday to us… ♫

That’s partyin’ with the black bird fly!

[Black Bird, Fly] View from Antipolo by filmlakay


This was how Digiprint scanned our photos. 😦 that’s why we had to crop the photos using photoshop :p These two photos were taken by Jessie in Cloud Nine, Antipolo using expired Kodak Elitechrome on the Black Bird, Fly. Above is the courtyard and below is the view from the hotel. (January 2009)

[Blackbird,Fly] Colorfilm Happy by filmlakay
5 February 2009, 3:35 pm
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This is the first roll to be used up in our new Blackbird, Fly. The previous post shows how it does using expired slide film + long exposure at night time. This time, using up fresh Fujicolor 200 Film during the daytime.


| Blackbird, Fly | Fujicolor 200 | La Union, December 2009 |

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[Black Bird Fly] Tiny Dancer by filmfish

Yay! Sorry for being such a busybee. We’ve finally had 5 rolls (consumed over the past two months) developed this weekend at Digiprint. We finally have the films and scans from the latest member of our camera family. The Black Bird, Fly! Here is one of my long exposure shots taken in Cloud Nine Art Gallery in Antipolo, Rizal:15awname-copy

From the scans I can make out Kodak, so this is most likely expired Kodak Elite Chrome 100 😀 I forget due to the long idle wait.

Happy Shooting ♥